3rd Crossroads of the Possible : "innovative services for car drivers"

26 10/2012 Chronos



In 2010 and 2011, Chronos and Fing hosted two editions of Crossroads of the Possible in tandem with Renault, to promote the discovery and development of innovative projects in the automotive sector. The resulting dynamic, focused on innovative services and new uses of mobility, has been enriched by Renault team mentoring of selected projects.


Each edition spotted thirty projects, out of which a dozen were selected to be provided with support and guidance until the final event. These projects were noteworthy for the diversity of their provenance (start-ups, researchers, artists, inventors and businesses) and for the range of topics they addressed: from games and car sharing to transport intermodality and networked vehicles to the electrical ecosystem. Some of these projects are currently being incubated or actively developed by Renault, others are collaborating with Renault directly.


The 2012-2013 Crossroads of the Possible will have an international dimension that includes Europe, Russia, Brazil and India, and will focus on the following themes: car budget optimisation, services to improve life on board, connected services, and intermodal services for professional fleets.


Fing helps companies, institutions and regions to anticipate changes related to technologies and their uses. Crossroads of the Possible is a Fing initiative, designed to detect and highlight innovative applications of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Organised into regional and international networks of innovators, each Crossroads of the Possible takes place as a series of meetings and coaching sessions, resulting in the development of product and service use scenarios that contribute to a shared culture of innovation. For the past four years, Crossroads of the Possible has been working with businesses in-company to promote open innovation.


Chronos is a research firm whose work is articulated across four major themes: mobility, digital technology, geographic regions, and everyday life. Including a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the fields of sociology, urban planning, management, and ICT, the firm develops prospective analysis that examines the future of cities, movements and organisations. You can find the firm's publications and project files on www.groupechronos.org .


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Chronos est un cabinet d'études et de prospective dont les travaux s'articulent autour de quatre grands thèmes : les mobilités, les territoires, le numérique et le quotidien.

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